Spectaculo Interesse 2017

1. - 6. X.

Grand Prix, Award of the Vice Mayor of the City of Ostrava
Théâtre de l ´Entrouvert, France

František Řezníček's Award
Mikhail Shelomentsev, Theatre Karlsson Haus,Russia

Award of the Vice Governor of the Region
Théâtre Puzzle, Kanada

Special Jury Prize
LALE.Teatr, Polsko

Chair of the jury was Nina Malikova (CZ), other members were Livija Kroflin (HR) and Peter Palik (SK).


"It is a traditional sigh of the jury to judge the enormous number of the festival performances which are not connected via the audience´s age neither via the audience´s dimension (time or space)the techniques used or whether it is expressed verbally or non-verbally. The puppet was the only link this time. The puppet in its widest sense of meaning, its expression and its ability to tell stories about this world.

This year, Spectacule Interesse has shown us an inexhaustible number of puppet techniques and means- from ceremonial parade puppets, galanty show, link with multimedia, various marionets with regards to the number of guiding threads, flat puppets as well as finger puppets, mannequins, black theatre, masks, puppets made of plastic bags or puppets made of paper tissues… what might have been missing were the Java-style puppets. We have seen the puppet theatre which was poetical as well as political, pure and understandable as well as veiled in its personal testimony.

The festival performances are always perceived within the context of the overall festival composition and in connection with the audience. And that may be the reason why various performances may be differently embraced at their domestic stages or other festival performances that won laurels meanwhile, here they created just a colourful component of the programme mosaic. On the contrary, thanks to the audience, environment and momentary topic even the very unknown, unobtrusive performances may surprisingly light up over here. All that is offered to us only by the theatre,where the puppet theatre- as has been already presented during the festival- is an equal and inspiring component.

The key element for the jury to take the decision was to see a certain perspective for further development of the theatre and its ability to use metaphorical possibilities of the puppet theatre to express the topic selected in the most precise and fair manner. Nevertheless, we have been given the chance to award only three awards within the wide range of titles, which was extremely limiting and that is why we interpellate to extend the number for future.

On behalf of the jury, I would like to thank for having a chance to see such a wide range of variations on the puppet theatre – whether within the competition performances or accompanying programme or during interesting conversations. Let me emphasise the great thanks to the festival dramaturgy which has proven this year that Spectaculo Interesse has, as the festival, an upward tendency at the international level."