Both wittily and seriously written story of an adolescent boy escaping from despotic upbringing into the world his own fantasy.

Marvin in Puppet Theatre Ostrava is a remake of a performance that was created by Duda Paiva and Mischa van Dullelmen 14 years ago for Cadance Festival of Modern Dance in the Netherlands. The version performed by Puppet Theatre Ostrava brings to stage an outstanding spectacle where dance, singing and the fabulous foam puppets from Paiva’s world celebrates the possibilities of creating something surprising for a multiage audience.

The performance runs around this lively boy, who runs from a strict education in the boarding schools into the world of his thoughts and fantasy, where he seeks friendship, love and freedom.


Script and choreography Duda Paiva, Mischa van Dullemen

Direction Duda Paiva

Puppets Duda Paiva

Music Michal Sedláček

Dramaturgy Matěj Samec

Cast Filip Staněk, Ondřej Beseda, Lenka Pavlíčková, Ivo Marták, Eva Baláková, Jiří Krupica


Photo: Petr Kurečka, Roman Polášek