Puzzle Theatre
Kanada / Canada
VARIABLE CLOUDINESS / Proměnlivá oblačnost

created and performed by: Csaba Raduly and Pavla Mano
puppets: children’s drawings
music performed and recorded by: François Landry and Zeneli Codel


A man, a tree, two women, three houses, one broom, clouds, sun and a few bugs… Children’s drawings come alive on the stage transporting us into their abstract, yet vividly real world. In a mute two dimensional world where habitants have a bit weird look out, where comic situations follow each other, unexpected happenings occur. Enjoying playing with their voices, the two puppeteers bring us toward the memory, sharing with spectator the common childhood experience when we were enjoying animating everything around us and each and every one of us was deeply in his own world. This is a marvellous occasion to meet the childhood and to recognize the absurdities of our adult’s world. This is a show about us, about our neighbours and in brief about the sky which is being sometimes with variable cloudiness.

Note: The show is accompanied by an exposition of children’s drawings at the entrance of the hall.

40 min
alternativní scéna / alternative stage